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Hello and Welcome to the new and improved NightWatch Guild on Hellfire EU.

We are an English Speaking guild and we are always happy to hear from people who have an interest in the guild and would like to join.  Please view our current vacancy list to see who we are looking for.  If you are a class or a spec that we are not currently recruiting, please feel free to make an application as we welcome applications from exceptional players.

The re-formed NightWatch is still in its infancy but we can boast a healthy 6 / 12 BossKills from the Cataclysm content.  Our aim is to be a high ranking guild with a solid reputation of being skilled, dedicated, thoughtful and fun.  We consist of people from various European nationalities and all social backgrounds who come together as a community in a comfortable and friendly environment.

If you think that NightWatch could be for you?  Please register with Guildportal, coppy the recruitment form and paste your completed application in the forum for all to see.  If you experience any technical issues or have some burning questions about the guild and its ethos, please drop a /w to our guild recruiters :  Volkash (Healing Recruiter); Réédy (DPS Recruiter); Hordewrath (Tank Recruiter) or Unholyice (General recruiter and Guild Master).

We at NightWatch thank you for visiting and we hope you find the site enjoyable.

Everyone who makes an application to join the guild must read and understand the guild rules.  NightWatch is fair but strict.  Any breach of the rules will be dealt with accordingly.  Please view guild rules in the recruitment forums.

Other Guild News

Atramedes Didnt See it Coming

Unholyice, Apr 19, 11 7:41 PM.

Gratz to everyone for Atramedes Guild 1st Kill.  That makes us 7/12

You Break It --- NightWatch Pays for It

Unholyice, Apr 14, 11 7:31 PM.
To better aid the ongoing progesssion and increased positive performance of the guild, we have agreed to open up the bottomless guild vault to pay for raiders repairs.  This is only to be used during raiding progression events where wipes are an inevitable part of the learning curve.  The use of the vault for repairs will be announced to all raiders before the encounter begins.  We have ecery belief that all members of the guild will use the facilities as and when needed, however, the usage will be monitored and those using the facility outside of the agreed times will be dealt with in accordance with the guild rules

Council Down on 1st few attempts

Unholyice, Apr 11, 11 8:19 PM.
The first week of the New Nightwatch continues with more bosses dead.  First night on the ascended council and Bang they ber dead.  Chogall is but a technicality.

Maloriak Down 4 da count Mon

Unholyice, Apr 10, 11 8:19 PM.

Less than a whole reset since the guild was reborn and we get Defence system, Maloriak and the twin dragons down in one night. What ever next?  We are well on the way to meeting out raid goal of the whole of BoT down within a month of reforming. A big Gratz to the looters.

Blackwing Descent - Omnotron DS Down

War_1974, Feb 2, 11 5:22 PM.
Blackwing Descent - Omnotron DS Down
Well done guys awsome job tonight anouther boss down and Maloriak down to 16% we get him tomorow :D

Blackwing Descent - Magmaw Down

War_1974, Jan 30, 11 5:49 PM.
Blackwing Descent - Magmaw Down
Well done all here we go again hold on to ya hats Nightwatch is back in the house :D

Valiona and Theralion Down

War_1974, Jan 26, 11 7:20 PM.

Well done guys hope see more boss's down soon. Awsome job :D

The Bastion of Twilight Today

War_1974, Jan 10, 11 6:38 PM.
Well done guys first boss in The Bastion of Twilight more to come :D


War_1974, Aug 16, 10 12:34 PM.
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